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Quality LUK Clutch Kit

The LUK clutch kit is an essential part of car maintenance and most likely during the time that you own the vehicle you will have to replace at least one part of it. Since the process of getting to the clutch and making repairs and replacements usually the mechanic will replace most of the parts to prevent the expensive opening of the vehicle to get to the clutch.


New LUK clutch kit and Dual mass flywheel

The LUK clutch kit basically allows your engine to run even when the vehicle is idle. Contrary to common belief there is a clutch in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles, and some even have more than one. When you turn on the engine it spins continuously until you turn off your vehicle, however, the wheels do not turn the whole time your engine is running. So, a clutch is necessary to prevent killing the engine when the car stops. Basically allowing a spinning engine to engage with a non-spinning transmission by controlling the slippage between the two. Just like with brake pads friction is key for this to be successful.


With that said clutches tend to last approximately 130,000 kilometres when the vehicle is driven gently and about 65,000 with less maintenance and more rough driving. There are a number of issues that will require you to purchase an LUK clutch kit. The friction material may wear out causing slippage, it may stick keeping the car from going into gear, hard clutch, or a worn out throw-out bearing are only some of the possible issues that may arise. There are also leaks, air in the hydraulic line, misadjusted linkage, mismatched components to name a few. It is key to remember that the overall health of your vehicle depends on each of its components working properly and the luk clutch kit will ensure that you shift into gear longer.


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