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Ford Ka Catalytic Converter

Your Ford Ka Catalytic Converter can generally last the “life” of your vehicle, however certain factors damage and wear it out faster, thus reducing its life greatly. Though your vehicle can technically continue to operate without the converter working properly, it is against the law. The catalytic converter is responsible to reducing the level of toxins coming out of your vehicle through the exhaust through two catalysts.


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ford-ka-catalytic-converter-picGenerally, your engine emits a number of highly toxic fumes which without the Ford Ka catalytic converter contribute to serious environmental problems such as acid rain, global warming, smog, and air pollution in general. Taking responsibility that your vehicle emits the least amount of toxic emissions is not only good for the environment but the law.


The catalytic converter is a key component of the exhaust system. Generally with a ceramic structure, it is able to reduce the exhaust toxins by way of two catalysts. The first catalyst is reduction as it reduces NOx emissions by using platinum and rhodium. The second catalyst is oxidation as it oxidizes (or burns) unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide over a palladium and platinum catalyst. Generally the materials which are required to achieve this are very expensive, thus making the catalytic converter a relatively expensive car part.


Common problems with the catalytic converter are triggered by environmental and road conditions in combination with the way the vehicle is driven. A sharp blow to the converter can easily block or disturb the flow of the toxic gasses. Also, if you use fuel additives, first make sure that they don’t have a negative effect on the converter, thus possibly prematurely aging it. By ensuring your vehicle is well maintained and not burning excessive oil you are also preventing aging of the Ford Ka catalytic converter.


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