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The air con compressor is an essential part of the air conditioning unit because it pumps essential heat via a refrigerant suction from the different components inside a building or a unit. The compressor essentially compresses low pressure and transforms it into high pressure refrigerants or temperature. There are different kinds of air con compressor to choose from. These are important because you will need to know which type is best suited for your vehicle. It consists of the scroll compressor, the piston and the screw compressor. The scroll compressor is the most common type because it is a very effective and efficient tool. It has a built in mechanism that helps the refrigerant move and compress in between cogs that are mainly from pockets of curved gas. On the other hand, the screw air con compressor is very simple to use and requires low-maintenance. The refrigerant enters in to a chamber that compresses the air via screws that rotate. Lastly, the piston or reciprocating air con compressor is still a popular choice but not as frequently used as the two other types. This is mainly used for industrial air conditioning units and these produce a louder noise than the scroll compressor. The noise is produced because of the large pistons that are used to compress the gasses inside the chamber. We supply over 200,000 car product lines online through this website. In order for us to serve your better, supply us with your car registration number and we will try to bring up the most accurate product results for you. Using our user friendly site navigation, you can browse through all the car part categories in a few clicks and find the products that best match your search criteria. We supply car parts and accessories from the most trusted brands in the UK. Make sure you type your car registration number correctly and also double check the confirmation screen that comes up once you have entered the registration number.

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