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The brake caliper is the most essential part of the vehicle’s braking system. Most vehicles today use disc brakes in their braking system. The function of the caliper in a disc-braking system is to put a lot of pressure on the metal discs, or rotors, that spin together with the wheels. Thus, forcing the rotors to slow down or stop.


Within the caliper you will find two metal plates that are bonded with a friction material. These plates are the brake pads. Whenever the brake pedal is pressed the brake fluid coming from the master cylinder produces a hydraulic pressure towards the pistons within the caliper. Because of this pressure the pads are forced to add friction over the discs which is why the vehicle stops or slows down.


There are two types of caliper fitted on modern day vehicles, floating calipers and fixed calipers. The floating type moves in an in and out motion in relation to the disc brakes. They are unique  as they contain one or two pistons that are only located on the inboard area of the disc. Fixed calipers, on the other hand, are installed permanently and the pistons are placed on the two opposing areas of the disc. We stock and supply all types of Brake Caliper for most makes and models which can be ordered online.

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