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Clutch Master Cylinder

The clutch master cylinder’s primary function is to move pressure from the clutch pedal to allow the fluid in the hydraulic system to move into the clutch slave cylinder. If you feel the clutch pedal slowly pressing down to the floor even though your foot is not even applying any constant pressure this means your clutch master cylinder is breaking down and needs replacement. The clutch hydraulic systems need fluid in its function. Thus you will also see a container along with the clutch master cylinder. It is very important that the fluid in this container is regularly changed because even if water is critical for the hydraulic system to work well water is also its number one enemy. If the fluid in the hydraulic system is not changed regularly rust will develop in time. The rust will corrode the clutch system which will then cause the failure of the clutch master cylinder to function well. It is always recommended to see your service provider for further information Remember that choosing a quality replacement clutch master cylinder is vital to ensure that it will last a long time. When the clutch master cylinder needs to be replaced it is also recommended to buy a clutch slave cylinder since both parts tend to break down at the same time.

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