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OE Quality Coil Spring

A Coil Spring is the main force that is holding up the weight of your vehicle. When you explore this system from a high level, it might seem like a pretty easy job to accomplish. But before you land on that conclusion, consider the movement and shifting of the weight as your vehicle goes around a bend. Or even if you are braking as you approach an off ramp. This is what is referred to as body roll. Yes, it's true that the Shock Absorbers and Strut Assemblies will absorb some of the impact generated by the road. But don't let that fool you, it's the coil springs that holds the immense weight of your vehicle and keep body roll to a minimum.


There are two types of coil springs, although only one type is found on the majority of vehicles. You can either have constant rate coil springs, which restore the vehicle to its original ride height and handling performance. This is the most common coil spring you will find on most vehicles. But it's also possible to have variable-rate coil springs which change in resistance as the pressure is getting stiffer and stronger, or as the load of your cargo increases.


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