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Quality Shock Absorber

The Quality shock absorber ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride, but there is far more to it than meets the eye. It’s essential for keeping your vehicle working properly and if not in good condition may slow your brake time. In general, properly maintained shock absorbers don’t require change for near 80,500 kilometres, but this all depends on how you drive your vehicle and their maintenance.


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There are few essentials to keep in mind when driving to ensure that you don’t damage your shock absorbers. If you use your vehicle to drive to work and shop on even roads and highways you should have much trouble making them last their entire lifetime however if you enjoy offroading or go on uneven roads or often get stuck in traffic you may have to keep an eye on them and perhaps replace them before the standard 80,500 kilometres. With that in mind remember that excessive breaking, bad road conditions with ice, salt, sand or gravel or offroading, take a toll on your absorbers.


An Quality shock absorber requires regular maintenance and checks to ensure that everything is working properly however you can do relatively the same at home. Simply look under your vehicle and observe the condition of the absorber. Look for dents and leaks, if you see any of the two make sure to take it to a mechanic to ensure it’s not necessary to change it. In addition, you can do a try run test by going to a parking lot, accelerating to 15 kilometres per hour and stopping abruptly. If the vehicle bobbles after it has stopped the absorbers may be shot.


Though you can change your Quality shock absorber on your own it does require some experience and knowledge. If you have never done it before it is best to turn to a professional to ensure it is place correctly.


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