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Track Control Arm

Track control arms are essential within the steering system of your vehicle. There are two parts to the arms, the outer and the inner arms. The former attaches to the wheel’s steering knuckle whereas the latter connects with the steering rack. These arms should be well installed in order to ensure good operation of the steering system. In the event of poor installation for the track control arms, an excessive play may be produced, where the wheels become poorly aligned and it will become hard to control the vehicle. These are undesirable features of a steering system. If at any one you experience your car having any of these poor characteristic you should have it checked by a mechanic. The arms installation may be adjusted appropriately or the mechanic may advise you to replace the arms. Considering the sensitivity of these arms functionality in a vehicle, it is important to ensure that they are made of strong materials and they should be correctly installed. This will ensure the chances of causing an accident are reduced greatly. We stock Track Control Arms for most makes and models of vehicle which can be ordered online through this site

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